Established in 1994 by acclaimed Canadian jazz musicians, bassist Paul Novotny and pianist Joe Sealy, Triplet Records is a vibrant Canadian music label with a rich history. Triplet produces, licenses, and distributes world class, award winning recordings by Canadian artists. Several releases are available in high definition 24/96 5.1 surround sound, hi-res stereo, mastered for iTunes (MFiT) and audio CD. For more information about Paul and Joe, please find their bios below. 

While Triplet's origins are strongly rooted in jazz, we are expanding to include a wide range of genres, from Amin Bhatia's spectacular Interstellar Suite; a cinematic tribute to John Williams, Isao Tomita and Wendy Carlos, to Steve Hunter's Muskoka Solace, the first in Triplet's Piano Master Series featuring tranquil interpretations of Scott Joplin's music. June 15th marks the Canadian release of Paul Novotny & Robi Botos's new duo recording, Look Ahead, already identified as a "Diamond of Modern Sound" by the German magazine AUDIOTEST.

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Paul Novotny
Vice-president, Triplet Records

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Paul Novotny is an acclaimed Canadian bassist, composer, and producer who possesses an MA from York University. His interdisciplinary study was in the Faculty of Music, School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD) and the Shulich School of Business. Paul's graduate thesis, HUMANASONICS researched anthropological human universals as the inspiration for music composition, resulting in a twenty minute, IV Movement Suite for Jazz Orchestra. This work is in production for future release on Triplet records.

Paul lives in Toronto, Ontario and has a rich history working with some of the finest names in Canadian music and media. His repertoire as a producer, musician, and composer includes a number of Juno-nominated and winning albums. Paul is also an Apple approved Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) mastering engineer, as well as a TV-FILM re-mix engineer, with product endorsement from Universal Audio and HHB Canada. In 2015 Paul’s sound mix for Cleo Tellier’s documentary film, The Silence, won Best Shorts “Award of Merit” for overall impact of sound.

Throughout his career, Paul has had the pleasure of performing with jazz icons, including Cedar Walton, Geoff Keezer, Junior Mance, Kenny Wheeler, Lynne Arrial, Moncef Genoud, Richard Wyands, Molly Johnson, Holly Cole, Jackie Richardson, Susannah McCorkle, Trudy Desmond, Don Friedman, John Campbell, Scott Hamilton, Spanky Davis, and Gus Johnson. Paul is the bassist in Mike Malone's "Writers Jazz Orchestra."

Early study in piano and bass led Paul to 5 years of performing Dixieland music in local venues of his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario before relocating to Toronto and enrolling in Humber College for advanced music study. Shortly after Humber, Paul spent 3 years playing with the Brian Browne Trio, which deepened his knowledge of the American songbook. Paul went on to perform with Hagood Hardy, Joe Sealy, and Roger Whitaker, furthering his reputation as a sought-after studio musician playing electric and upright bass. In1991 Paul started his first music production company, composing music for film, television, and advertising. Paul has written music for 3 feature films, 2 CBC TV series, a number of corporate soundtracks, and national radio and television commercials.

In 1994 Triplet recordings was incorporated and the Sealy/Novotny duo recording, Dual Vision, was nominated for a Juno. In 1995, Paul assembled a team to help finance and produce Carol Welsman’s first Juno nominated recording, Lucky to be Me. In 1996 he produced and arranged Joe Sealy’s Juno winning Africville Suite and in 1998 he produced the Sealy/Novotny Juno nominated album Blue Jade. That amounts to 3 nominations and 1 win in 5 years. From 1997 onward, Paul and Joe toured locally and internationally, performing in Canada, the United States, and Scandinavia, opening for headliners such as Herb Ellis and Red Mitchell, Charlie Haden and Brad Meldau, and Michel Petrucciani.

 In the early 2000’s, while continuing his duties as vice-president of Triplet, Paul’s work became increasingly directed towards Television, working closely with the CBC on a number of projects. He composed and produced the theme for CBC News’ The National in 2001, the theme for CBC’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulous in 2004, and the theme for CBC’s News Now in 2005. Since 2002, Paul has also worked steadily as an audio-post re-mix engineer on short and long format television shows in 5.1 surround sound, mixing about 1000 TV show episodes for international broadcast.

In 2009 Paul produced the Sealy/Novotny recording, SongsSongs came from the desire to feature a number of established and up and coming singers and as a result, the album is a tour de force of performers and original compositions. It was during the process of recording Songs that Paul discovered Barbra Lica and selected her to sing Sealy’s original composition, You’re Gonna Miss Me. Paul then went on to produce her highly acclaimed first recording That’s What I do, which he later licensed to Universal Music in Japan.

In 2012, Paul began working with Canadian film composer Amin Bhatia on the first 5.1 High Definition release for Triplet. The project is a re-release of Amin’s 1987 project, The Interstellar Suite, mixed by Frank Morrone, mastered by Bernie Grundman, in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

In 2015, Paul performed, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered a new duo recording with Juno winning pianist Robi Botos, titled Look Ahead. Like Interstellar SuiteLook Ahead was produced in Hi-Definition 5.1 and stereo. In April of 2016, Look Ahead was recognized by German Magazine AUDIOTEST as a “Diamond of Modern Sound” and is now available. Paul is a member of the International Association For The Study of Record Production—ASARP  in December 2017 presented his scholarly paper titled, Stereo to 5.1_An Immersive Fold-out which is now published in the conference journal JARP.

Recently Paul has completed the new Scott McGillivray TV series, Moving the McGillivrays, distributed on HGTV and BEYOND, 2 CBC documentaries on Passchendaele and Gord Downie's Secret Path project.


Joe Sealy
President, Triplet Records

For more than five decades Joe Sealy has enjoyed a successful career as a musician, actor, composer, music director and recording artist. During this time he has been featured on numerous television shows, toured throughout North America and Europe and worked with many major names in the entertainment industry. Tours have also played a significant part in Joe’s career. Some of the more notable ones include: six months on the road with Blood, Sweat and Tears; a 19 concert tour of Africville Suite (including an appearance at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.); a 20 city national tour of Timothy Findlay’s Piano Man’s Daughter (along with Veronica Tennant and Sylvia Tyson); and a 2 week tour of Norway and Denmark including a performance at the world famous Jazz House in Copenhagen. 

In the early 1990’s, Joe teamed up with bassist Paul Novotny to form a musical partnership that has produced five albums over a period of 20 years. He not only performed on these albums but composed many of the songs. Sealy/Novotny recordings are: Double Entendre, Dual Vision, Africville Suite, Blue Jade and Songs. All of this work and success has not gone unnoticed. Joe is both proud of, and humbled by, the acclaim he has received. Major awards include: a Juno Award for CD, Africville Suite; the Dora Mavor Moore Award for music direction in the Toronto production of Ain’t Misbehavin; and a Gemini Award nomination for his musical score for the documentary film The Road Taken. Most recently, Joe was music director for tribute concerts honouring Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington and for a 100th anniversary concert honouring Frank Sinatra. Both events sold out at Toronto’s Koerner Hall. He continues to host a weekly radio show called “Joe’s Jazz” on Jazz FM 91.

In September of 2010, Joe Sealy was invested in The Order of Canada.